Quality Policy

Issue 1
  • BIE Magnum is committed to providing a consistently conforming product that aims to exceed customer expectations, by compliance against EN 9100:2018, AS9100D coupled with other legal and customer contractual obligations
  • BIE Magnum confirms total commitment to the health, safety and welfare of its employees through a policy of legal responsibility and open dialogue at all levels
  • BIE Magnum is committed to continuous improvement by ensuring a regular review of the business planning, commercial risks, the management system and supporting processes

BIE Magnum establishes the above philosophies by ensuring compliance against its Business Plan the continuation of the following policy objectives:

  • Identifying the necessary resources to meet the customer and product specifications with due consideration to the contract compliance and related risk assessment
  • Compliance with internal processes and procedures to achieve declared aims is supported by documented records and archives
  • Monitoring of product compliance and system effectiveness to prevent unnecessary wastage and maximise efficiency for sustained profitability
  • Evaluate the efficiency of the business system by planned quality internal management system audits, to include health, safety and environmental issues
  • Maximum communication with customers and interested parties and monitoring of supplier performance in support of product compliance and materials traceability
  • Motivate and encourage inclusion of technical and administration employees at all levels

Monitoring of customer satisfaction, business planning and other performance improvement initiatives against the above policy objectives will be achieved by regular and recorded management review meetings