Environment & Energy Policy

Issue 1

BIE Magnum is committed to the environment by providing a right first-time service to its customers; this is achieved by listening to the needs of our customers, effective and planned procurement and minimising stock movements and appropriate route planning for product production and delivery.

BIE Magnum is committed to continually improving the management system in support of ensuring the safety of all personnel, the reduction of wastage, the reuse of packaging materials as confirmed by a documented management system against the requirements of ISO 14001 and industry best practice principles.

BIE Magnum establishes the above philosophies of the organisation by ensuring the continuation of the following:

  • Identifying the necessary resources to meet with the customer and specified legal requirements with due consideration to maintaining performance targets
  • Compliance with internal processes and procedures to achieve declared aims supported by documented records at all appropriate levels
  • Evaluate the efficiency of the business system by prioritised compliance and operational system related internal environmental audits
  • Maximum communication between customers and suppliers in support of service compliance and product traceability
  • Motivate and encourage inclusion of technical and administration personnel at all levels through training and competency reviews
  • Establish an active Environmental, Health and Safety Committee on which employees must be represented

Monitoring of our environmental performance and related improvement initiatives against the above policy objectives will be achieved by regular and recorded management review meetings