Issue 1
  • BIE Magnum is committed to the providing both product and service provision ethically with consideration to both supply chain procurement activities and ethical provision on behalf of our customers and other interested parties.
  • BIE Magnum is committed to maintaining compliance against ethical codes of practice and ensuring legislative compliance for our own employees and encouraging through best practice that our supply chain maintain the highest levels of ethical integrity.
  • BIE Magnum establishes the above philosophies of the organisation by ensuring the continuation of the following minimum requirements:

Ensuring no forced, bonded, or involuntary prison labour may be used in the production of goods or service. Workers must not be required to lodge deposits or identity papers as a condition of employment and must be free to leave their employer upon reasonable notice.

No child or under age labour may be used. Employees under the age of 18 must not work at night or under hazardous conditions. Employees must be free from harassment, physical and verbal abuse, threats or intimidation of any description; supported by confidential whistle-blowing reporting.

Comply with all national health and safety laws and with the standards laid down in ILO [international labour organisation] Convention 155. Suppliers must establish an active Health and Safety Committee on which workers must be represented.

Must never discriminate against workers on the grounds of gender, religion, race, caste, age, disability, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation, national or ethnic origin.

Suppliers must conduct their businesses in an ethical manner and must not seek to gain competitive advantage by means of unethical or dishonest practices including without limitation; bribery, corruption, kickbacks, the provision of gifts, favours or services.