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15th June 2018
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13th March 2019

What is Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is a dry finishing process that offers a higher quality of painting compared to the traditional wet paint method.

In this practice, the powder paint is electrostatically charged in a spray gun, which allows the powder to evenly distribute.

Once applied the painted-part is then placed in a curing oven, where the powder is able to dry and harden.

Through the use of a curing oven, the molecules within the paint powder react together and form stronger bonds which increases the overall longevity of the product.

4 Benefits

1.Performance- Powder coating have an overall higher resistance and durability than wet paint counterparts. Compared to wet paints, the colour and brightness of the powder paint on average lasts longer and keeps vibrant.

2.Operational Costs- Powder painting is cheaper, time-effective and requires less total cost in terms of manual labour and less waste.

3.Safety- Due to the lack solvents within powdered paint, powder paints do not raise the risks or safety hazards of other painting methods such as wet painting.

4.Environmental- All together the process of powder painting has low waste, so much so that over spray powder paint can be collected and used again. Powder painted items are also not hazardous, therefore allowing for regular recycling.