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29th March 2018
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3rd July 2018

What is Anodising?

Anodising, the electro-chemical process that changes the surface of Aluminium, in to a transparent protective layer that is very durable.

Electrolytic colouring can be used to add a range of organic dyes or UV resistant colours. The anodic layer is again 100% pure Aluminium, and can be easily recycled.

The anodised layer is strong, corrosion proof and can be customised in terms of thickness and colour. The anodised layer does not alter the appearance or the sheen of the Aluminium.

Benefits of Anodising

-Natural metallic sheen and aspect

-Excellent corrosion resistance

-No risk of adhesion failure of the anodic film

-No risk of fading

-No risk of chalking

-No risk of filiform corrosion

-Preservation of the original surface texture and design

-Optimal surface coverage

-Anodic film is totally impermeable

-Exceptional abrasion resistance

-100% recyclable

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