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14th September 2017
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23rd October 2017

How to get the best out of your Anodising and useful tips!


Here are some general pointers to take into account when getting anodising done –

1.  Anodising does not hide marks present on the surface of the Aluminium before anodising e.g. scratches, clamp mark , die lines. These marks must be removed before anodising.  In some cases chemical etching can be used to reduce the impact of these marks but you will end up with a matt finish.

2.  When sending your job away to be anodised, make sure the parts are packaged in a way that they cant be easily damaged or marked during transit.

3.  If the parts need to be welded, do this before the product is anodised.  The anodised coating has very high electrical resistance, effectively stopping welding and the anodizing needs to be removed before welding can take place.  (To remove the anodized layer for welding either use mechanical means or apply caustic based chemical e.g. oven cleaner

4. When packaging avoid putting any tape directly on the Aluminium, as it is difficult to clean off and is not removed by the anodising process.

5. Avoid leaving finger print marks on un-coated Aluminium products as these can become imprinted on the surface of the metal. In some cases these marks will show through in the final product.


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