BIE Magnum Blog August 18th
18th August 2017
BIE Magnum Blog September 21st
21st September 2017

Engine Transport Containers for Rolls Royce!

These past few weeks, BIE Magnum have been extremely busy with different projects, but in particular we’ve been finishing off Engine Transport Containers for Rolls-Royce, who we are an approved supplier for.

 Rolls-Royce is a pre-eminent engineering company that focuses on world-class power and propulsion systems and has been our customer for over 35 years. Following Rolls-Royce specifications, these Engine Transport Containers have been Shot blasted, Sprayed with Zinc Metal to increase life and durability. They have then been spray painted prior to being stencilled.

So, what are Engine Transport Containers? (ETC) – They’re designed to store complete engines, which can be transported by ship, by air or ground. Which is suitable for fork lifts and stack-able to save space.