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20th July 2017
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4th August 2017

All you need to know about powder coating!


In a nutshell: powder coating is a coating which comes in a form of dry powder and melts on the substrate forming an extremely durable layer. These coatings exist as thermosets, which are suitable for electrostatic spraying, and as thermoplastics which are applied by dipping the object in a fluidised bath.

Due to the endless possibilities powder coatings provide, they are the most used industrial coatings in the UK. This article is your gateway to learning everything there is to know about powder coating.


6 reasons to choose for powder coatings


If you are a beginner in powder coatings, and still doubting whether it is something for your product, we can give you seven good reasons to choose for  powder!

  1. The coating process is easy to automatise (thus cost efficient on the long run)
  2. Powders have a shorter curing time than liquid paints
  3. The coatings remarkably increase durability and decrease need for maintenance
  4. Powders do not contain solvents, hence they are Eco-friendly
  5. Powder coatings are available in every colour of the rainbow although custom colours may cost more
  6. Powder paint is suitable for wide range of metals such as steel; and now also for wood and other heat sensitive materials!


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