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13th July 2017
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27th July 2017

Laser marking applications: Discovering the possibilities


Within mechanical engineering there are many applications which require permanent and durable markings. Laser technology is the perfect tool to achieve this, allowing a number of different materials to be marked. A laser mark is not only permanent, it is also heat, abrasion and acid resistant, meaning that important information remains intact regardless of the environmental factors it is exposed to.

Laser engraving is also an important process which can be used to replicate text and graphics on different materials. Laser machines provide a quicker and more efficient method of material processing compared to mechanical engraving. A laser machine also has the advantage of being more accurate than mechanical engravers, with lower maintenance and no tooling costs.


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One of the most important things for customers and users is to know that what they are buying, and if it can meet their requirements. That’s why we offer a selection of laser samples to show just how effective the laser marking and laser engraving process is. Contact us today to get your free sample and find out more about laser machines at BIE Magnum.

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