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19th December 2016
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19th December 2016
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Teknik had been machining the enclosure for its CHEP87 in house, while enlisting an external supplier to screen print the CHEP87's powder coated front panel. While the internal workings of the CHEP87 were excellent, the finishing let it down - particularly the screen printing. The exterior of a product is just as important as its interior - it must exude quality.

BIE Magnum took the machining of the box in house and used a trusted subcontractor to punch out the front panel. Working with Teknik, the BIE Magnum team experimented with design and materials, resulting in the final sample, which was produced to a high standard with specialist screen printing and anodising. Impressed with the outcome - which exceeded all expectations - Teknik awarded BIE Magnum the ongoing contract.