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16th June 2020
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RAF100 Baton

Manual Engraving, Anodising and Screen printing.

There were 8 Batons designed by the RAF engineers used in the around the word relay to celebrate 100 years of the RAF.

Having been to numerous companies the engineers came across our website and called to say they were under huge time restrictions and needed someone who could:

  1. Anodise the batons,
  2. Manually engrave the aluminium incline on the top of the baton and engrave the brass handle
  3. Screen print the RAF logo on the curve of the baton.

They were having an issue finding a company that could screen print on a curve and engrave on a slant.  This is where we excel, working with our customers to find solutions.

We welcomed them to our offices to speak to our staff and we worked together to find the solutions.  The results were outstanding and we were very proud and honoured to have played our small part in producing the batons.