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27th April 2017
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11th May 2017

Iridite 14-2


Iridite NCP is a chemical process that produces a protective chromate conversion film on aluminum and its alloys. Application is by dip, brush, swab, or spray, producing coatings ranging from clear to dark yellow. The darker coatings providing the greatest corrosion protection. The coating can be used as a final finish or can be dyed various colors. It can also serve as a base for paints and high performance top coats, lacquers, or as a base for rubber bonding.

The operating range of Iridite NCP is extremely flexible. Suitable adjustments of the Iridite NCP concentration can accommodate wide variations in immersion time, the desired corrosion protection (film thickness), and the alloy to be treated.

  • Coating has minimum effect on electrical characteristics of the aluminum for high or low frequency work when used at lower concentrations
  • Coating protects abraded anodized surfaces and also provides electrical contact to those surfaces
  • Coated aluminum surface can be welded by shielded arc method or by spot welding
  • Qualified under Specification MIL-DTL-81706, Class 1A, Form II, Method A, B, C; and under Class 3, Form II, Method C. The clear Iridite NCP finish also qualifies under Class 3, Form II, Method C of the same specification.
    (Specification MIL-DTL-81706 qualifies products for use in conforming to Specification MIL-DTL-5541.