Cutting-edge solutions

Combining the latest technology with traditional pantograph techniques, our machines engrave onto a vast range of standard and non-standard materials, shapes and sizes. Whatever your need, we have the capability to tackle all requirements - nothing is too complicated. From large awkward fabrications and aircraft control sticks to simple "traffolyte" labels and brass nameplates, we deliver the complete solution.

Working closely with specialist partners, BIE Magnum also offers chemical etching. Overseeing the entire process, we complete all design and finishing in house, while our partners handle the chemistry of etching. This ensures we maintain control over the project - delivering you high standards of service and a quality product.



Controlled solutions

Our complete on-site anodising plant was totally re-constructed in 2006. This means your aluminium components and panels can be treated to DEF STAN 03-25.

And because all anodising is done in-house, we can break the procedure to apply text and/or logos through a special screen-printing process, into the actual surface coating - significantly increasing its durability.

Other Metal Treatments

We offer chromate conversion pre-treatment to DEF STAN 03-18, using Alocrom 1200 solution.

We also offer Iridite NCP, a fully RoHS compliant conversion coating with the largest tank in the South West.


Screen Printing

Quality Guaranteed

Combining traditional principles of screen printing with latest advances in technology, BIE Magnum are able to achieve high quality screen printing onto a variety of substrates. Our clients demand that we are able to deliver a wide range of services from self-adhesive vinyl labels to anodic printing.

By anodising your aluminium pieces in our own plant, and screen printing the images mid-process, your product will benefit from superior durability.

Since all our screen printing is done by hand, small runs of high quality products that last have become an integral part at the core of our business.


CNC Milling

Precision Engineering

BIE Magnum offers precision CNC milling. With machines on-site we undertake work from one-offs to larger production runs. As with all our services, CNC milling is used in conjunction with anodising, stove enamelling, screen printing and engraving to produce a high quality front panel, or enclosure, for electronic equipment. Whatever your requirement, with BIE Magnum you can be certain of high standards of accuracy and finish.


Stove Enamelling, Painting and Powder Coating

A Quality Finish

With over 30 years' experience in the finishing industry, BIE Magnum has the expertise you need. Supplying stove enamelling and other finishing work to a number of MOD and aerospace contractors, as well as specialist electronics companies, our team is highly skilled and specialise in complex mask and paint jobs. Plus, if you'd like a more decorative finish, we have expertise in powder coating too.