1st June 2017

BIE Magnum Blog June 1st

What is powder coating and its advantages?   What is Powder coating?   Powder coating is a dry finishing process that has become extremely popular since […]
26th May 2017

BIE Magnum Blog May 25th

Engraving: Laser vs. rotary machines   Engravers can help improve a sign shop’s productivity, efficiency and most important profit margins. They handle work that would otherwise […]
19th May 2017

BIE Magnum Blog May 19th

Anodising Vs powder coating: Which is better for aluminium surface treatments?   Aluminium is one of Earth’s most abundant metals known for its lightness, strength and […]
11th May 2017

BIE Magnum Blog May 11th

What’s the Difference Between Laser Engraving, Laser Marking and Laser Cutting?   At first glance this seems like sort of a basic question, but these terms […]
5th May 2017

BIE Magnum Blog May 5th

Iridite 14-2   Iridite NCP is a chemical process that produces a protective chromate conversion film on aluminum and its alloys. Application is by dip, brush, […]
27th April 2017

BIE Magnum Blog April 27th

What types of Anodising are there, and which materials can you Anodise?   Anodising is used to increase surface hardness, wear resistance and dielectric strength of […]